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Australian Chocolate Diamonds

Where Are They From?

Australian Chocolate Diamonds are sourced directly from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. Argyle is committed to being industry leaders in the areas of reducing environmental impact and building positive community relationships.

Why Are They Special?

The Australian Chocolate Diamond cutting factory has 70 skilled diamond cutters who assess each rough piece of diamond individually. Unlike their white counterparts, coloured diamonds are cut to maximise colour while still maintaining a minimum cutting grade of VG VG.

Importantly, white diamonds are cut to computer specifications whereas the decision on how to best cut an Australian Chocolate Diamond rough crystal is completely in the hands of the master cutter. Each rough diamond must be balanced to maintain weight, VG VG cutting grade, choice of diamond shape and most importantly how to yield the most intense colour.

The Argyle Diamond Mine produces some of the hardest diamond rough in the world. This affects the cutting process in several ways. Rather than cleaving the top facet it is ground down, leaving no usable leftover rough. The cutters must display extra care with the degree of pressure and heat that is applied to avoid shattering the stone.

This extremely hard rough ensures maximum radiance from the cut stone but it does take more time. Where you may be able to cut 2 or 3 half carat white diamonds per day, it may take 3 days or longer to cut one half carat Australian Chocolate Diamond!

Australian Chocolate Diamonds-Rings
Australian Chocolate Diamonds-Rings
Australian Chocolate Diamonds-Earrings
Australian Chocolate Diamonds-Earrings
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