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Pearl Restringing and Cleaning
Every woman loves her pearl jewellery but over a period of time, a regular wear of them might lead to loosening of its threads and knots. Loose threads not only dulls the beauty of the pearl jewellery but also causes the pearls to get scratched against each other. If your pearl thread knots are getting loose, bring the pearl jewellery to Stanthorpe Jewellers located in Stanthorpe. We will carefully re-thread your pearl jewellery so that you can enjoy wearing it again without the fear of damaging or losing the pearls.

Pearls are extremely delicate and require special care while cleaning. Bring your pearl jewellery to Stanthorpe Jewellers, we will clean it with extra care using a special cleaner.

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Pearl Restringing and Cleaning Service at Stanthorpe Jewellers
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