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Jewellery Redesigning
Do you have a family heirloom jewellery which does not suit your personality? Do you have some old jewellery with outdated design? Or do you have a jewellery piece that you are tired of wearing? At Stanthorpe Jewellers, we will work with you to redesign your old jewellery piece for you.

We are specialised in jewellery redesigning including engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, earrings, bracelets and much more using the finest quality metals and gemstones. Our jewellery experts will work with you to create that exciting piece of jewellery which you can cherish forever.

Come to Stanthorpe Jewellers and let our experienced jewellers redesign a one of a kind
jewellery piece for you using the stone or metal you have.

Feel free to Contact us for any query.
Jewellery Redesigning Service at Stanthorpe Jewellers
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